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2020-10-12 11:55:29  
Hello admins!
You can delete ALL my records in the game Slicks 'N' Slide. I will be sending new ones with proofs
Thank you!

PS: Can I delete my records myself or do you have to do that?I didn't find such an option...

Best regards,

2020-10-12 15:24:27  
You are able to edit them with a new score however deletion is unavailable

2020-10-13 11:27:52  
Hmm...currently I can't send records because I haven't proven enough scores.
I think here's the problem: Let's pretend that I want to prove a lap time to a car game. I can't send a new,better time. I can only prove the existing,worse time. Although my jpg-file says 5.53 seconds,the worse 5 57 secs stays there. I think I'm not able to edit the score,I can only send the proof to that spesific lap time.. did u get it?

That's why I want my lap times to be deleted frm Slicks 'N' Slide :=)

2020-10-13 15:15:55  
If you remove the proof it can be edited.

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2020-10-14 05:46:12  
If all else fails, you can send a proof with a better time and i will personally update to the better scores.

2020-10-14 20:49:28  

Do you mean that I will send my new records with proofs to your Inbox?

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