[Debate] Super Mario Maker 2 on VGR!

Issued by magicbart
Hello everybody,
An idea came to me when the game just came out, concerning the possibility to add it in VGR, bringing many new players with this infinite possibilities.. Super Mario Maker 2!
I found the idea really interesting to add this game and his level creation system which is more than generous for everyone that have a bit of imagination. Each different levels having for only limit the imagination of the players themselves, renewing the competition each time!
This game will gave to VGR this exclusivity, this originality that will belong to VGR to be the only website to offer is own levels, created by the staff members, VGR members and new players.. Quickly said: VGR levels!
But also, what about using Twitch, Youtube to share these levels worlwide, with attempts to beat them or with level design that will bring people and will promote the website, encouraging people to face again others on the game! Knowing the fact that Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that is played a lot at the moment!
Each records will be: the fastest time (-)
Each level save your best time once you succeed it, but you can also see the best one of the community (of players that played the level).
After a long tchat with some members of the staff, this idea seams really exciting, and we would like to share it with you!
So, I would like to talk all together about it, by knowing what you think about this idea.
Your feelings, how you would have seen it if this cames in VGR, new ideas, modalities...
How many levels we should add, which one, how...
At first, I was thinking about:
The name of the level: VGR!
His creator: Basile
And the seed: XXX XXX XXX
Which could be: VGR (by Basile) - XXX XXX XXX [for instance]
Thanks for reading! What do you guys, think about it? We really want to have your reactions!
I am letting you a poll also, if you want to express yourself, but not with a message! https://www.strawpoll.me/18553837
Credits : Basile, Atomiks


28/08/2019 17:55 - Edited the 28/08/2019 18:01
I think this is a cool idea, but I don't know if it should count towards the main leaderboards. Is there a way to separate them?
I would love to compete in these either way. I wonder what type of level I should make if I am allowed to make one for this.

Another thing that comes to mind is will the creator of the level be allowed to compete on it as well?
Some creators make dev exits (an easy way to clear the level so that they can upload it faster), and that may make it harder for everyone else to compete. We could also just ban dev exits.

1 More thing, I think having the level ID is great because if the level gets reuploaded with an "update" to the level, the ID will be different, so the one on VGR won't work. Others will immediately know that there is something different or wrong there and we can solve the issue quickly (probably by deleting the chart and recreating it).
28/08/2019 20:53
je suis pour le faire apparaitre sur VGR mais il ne doit pas compter dans les classements, un classement a part pour les jeu a éditeur de niveau. on gagne en animation pour VGR et en amusement pour les VGRiens.
29/08/2019 10:16
That's a great idea! We need a way to do it!
29/08/2019 15:19
Yes, many things to think about, but you seems to like the idea.
So, at first, we will have to know how exactly we could add the game, and then, propose our own VGR levels!  
29/08/2019 15:28
We will add functionnality on VGR to remove games / groups or chart from main score board.
29/08/2019 15:32
btw, it could be great if this system grow up to other games, like for example the Trackmania Series which offer a very good editor, Rocket League with the training system,... But first it would be very cool if Super Mario Maker 2 is added to VGR with this system !

D'ailleurs, ça pourrait être cool si ce système s'étendait à d'autres jeux, comme par exemple tous les Trackmania qui offre un éditeur assez complet, Rocket League avec le système d'entraînement,... Mais ce serait vraiment cool si Super Mario Maker 2 était ajouté à VGR avec ce système !
30/08/2019 10:12
I don't have SMM2, but that seems to be a really good idea.
It could be great for others upcoming or games that look like this one
30/08/2019 14:30
Sounds good.
My only point is : what will happen when Nintendo closed the online like on Wii U ?
In the past, VGR refused similar charts because of "the time left" to post the records and there was a point to only add charts in the main charts only if the competition remains in the time.
02/09/2019 10:10
First, I think that there is more important things to manage in VGR that this kind of debate, especially when I see some lack of admins activity on little or big problems.  
But let's stay optimistic, it's always nice to have debates like this, it's still a good sign for VGR.

So, concerning this topic, I don't like the idea to put things that are not present in the basic game created by developers.
But if there is a general agreement between players of this  game, why not.

Like DEM and Foxof said, I can agree to add this kind of records only if they doesn't count for all the VGR rankings. Because they are simply infinite, you can create thousands of records like that, and totally break the VGR stats and averages.
For the adding system, I think it will be more reasonable to limit the possibility of created levels to 10% of the other games records (so if there is 100 records in this game, you can only add 10 created levels).

Also, if magicbart said that there will be a possibility to remove or desactivate some kinds of records in VGR, it is an important news !  
I personnally think that's a good compromise. We will probably need to reopen the Flow series debate after that, and check the games (or DLC adds) that we can't download anymore, or those which are time-limited...