Be prepared: VGR tournament #16 starts in 8 days !

Issued by Basile

Hello everybody!

Although initially announced as taking place in the new version of VGR or else canceled under new conditions, the VGR tournament # 16 will finally take place from October 1, following the subsequent release of the new version (V7 ) of the site (end of the year).

This tournament will be, this time, the last of the VGR V6 era.

To "celebrate" that, and prepare it as well as possible, you will have some interviews of the best players during the last 15 tournaments (Happykid, Zephyraz, Lucario ...) before, and during the tournament, as well as the last two winners (Joujou-Michael & Quar). Also, articles will appear throughout the tournament, with a summary of the matches and future surprises of this last tournament!

Until that, I'm reminding you that the qualification are underway and are open until Wednesday the 30th of september, and that you can track your progress and your team's progress in the "TOURNAMENT" tab, allowing you to enter the tournament. To participate to this tournament, it's quite simple: you have to send a good amount of scores (new ones) to be qualified and to appear in the 64 qualified member's list!

Have fun! And we will meet again quickly for the first interview, the interview of VGR's most famous turtle.. Laughing


29/09/2020 08:52
Goodluck everyone!