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2020-01-28 19:58:03 - Last edit the 2020-03-20 17:31:39  
Hey everyone I think it would be nice to have these as groups for this game! Thanks in advance.

Endless Challenge (Score+)
Easy High Score
Normal High Score
Expert High Score
Super Expert High Score

Title Screen Levels - Remaining Time (Time- xxx)
SM 3D World - Ground Title Screen
SMBU - Underwater Title Screen
SM 3D World - Ghost House Title Screen
SMB3 - Desert Title Screen
SMBU - Snow Title Screen
SMB3 - Airship Title Screen
SMB - Underground Title Screen
SMB - Sky Title Screen
SM World - Forest Title Screen
SM World - Castle Title Screen

Ninji Speedruns (Time- x:xx:xx)
Rolling Snowballs
The Speedventure of Link
The 10-Coin of Deep Woods
Cat Mario Dash
Bullet Bill Cliff Climb
Swinging Claw Flyway

2020-01-29 19:17:01 - Last edit the 2020-01-31 09:02:36  

★♪Richie♪☆ :

Endless Challenge (Score+)
Easy High Score
Normal High Score
Expert High Score
Super Expert High Score

This is a good idea. I forgot about these charts. These should be added.

★♪Richie♪☆ :

Multiplayer Versus
Versus Rating (Rating+)
Wins (Wins+)

These shouldn't be added for two reasons:
1. Because they are cumulative stats. What that basically means is that they keep changing over time without resetting. Versus rating goes up and down, and Wins just keep going up. Though they are indeed a type of record, they are not a type of record that is allowed on VGR.
2. Because they are multiplayer based charts. Even though you play alone, it requires other human players. That influences how you get a record as the opponents you get wildly vary and are unpredictable in general (As in, you can't know before a match how an opponent will act in the next match), which is different from a CPU opponent, even if it is programmed to seem unpredictable.

2020-01-30 19:23:11  
Alright, can we please have the endless challenge added?

2020-02-05 20:58:55  
I would love to compete for the Endless Challenge Rankings please add this!

2020-02-17 12:53:24  
Update: Added title screen levels to suggestion

2020-02-27 19:42:15  
Update: added Ninji Speedruns

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