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2018-08-15 07:38:31 - Last edit the 2018-08-15 07:39:35  
The game ActRaiser needs to be splitted between NTSC and PAL.

Currently this game has one chart named High score. PMniac and I have similar high score. He doesn't know but the score can be higher and he know how to do.
The problem is that he if he want can improve the score in one of the sectors that he didn't max it (PAL) while in NTSC that sector can't be maxed due a missing item that is available only for PAL.
Also PAL version has an extra chart while in NTSC doesn't have it. My propose to modification is as follow:

ActRaiser NTSC
* High score

ActRaiser PAL
* Story mode (current chart)
* Action mode

Action mode is a mode in where player must get the best possible score without getting lives and chart is in XXXXX and highest wins.


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2018-08-16 11:41:40  
I also agree on this one.
I have the japanese version, so I will have to be in the NTSC game

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