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2020-07-12 04:11:35 - Last edit the 2020-09-09 15:28:00  

i know this Discussion is something we all tried to avoid, but i think there must be some more informations about scores that can not be played every day.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is based on different seasonable fish and insects. That means, that not every F/I can be caught the whole year.

Since this happen, there's alot of confusion about when they will be available again. I did not played the Game for a long time since i reached the MB in this Game, (but also because my old Phone was dying, now i have a new one) but i see there was some changes made in the description of F/I.

The confusion about all that was: we have also event only F/I in this Game, which makes it harder to think about putting them all on the site for score. (for me, event only F/I should not be added. Reason see below)

So for example we have the description of:
-"You can find this fish at Saltwater Shores." (catchable right now)
-"You can find this fish at Lost Lure Creek" (catchable right now)
-"You can catch this bug on Sunburst Island" (catchable right now)
-"Cannot be caught at this time" (normal fish/insect, not catchable right now)
-"You can get this item from seasonal events or campaighns." (event only, mostly available only once)

So we can say that "Cannot be caught at this time" are F/I that will always comes back, but only after months. (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring), but this does also means that if the Season is there, we have 3 months to get them (sometimes more, depending on the F/I)

Seasonal Events or Campaighns F/I should be removed from the site. Why? Because it will be impossible to beat/tie that scores if you didn't played the Game, the time they was available to catch)

There are a few that changed from event to "standard", but this takes sometimes months or even years, so we can add them later, if they change to standard, without having to w8 until this maybe never happen.
"Arowana" is one of those event fishes that turns into a standard one (at least for summer)

There are also some fish insects that can be catched the whole year. Im not 100% sure of all of them, because i did not played the Game since months, BUT the "BIG King" Fishes are 100% always available (but also very rare to find)
There are 4 of them in the Game and not added to vgr right now:
-giant king salmon (smallest/largest)
-king koi (smallest/largest)
-king olive flounder (smallest/largest)
-king red snapper (smallest/largest)

So, i hope that we can make things more clear for this Game. All i wrote here is just a start headsup, nothing final. If it comes that we completly unrank the Game, because of unavailable scores, it's also a option on V7.

Post you knowledge and opinion on that topic. Every Information helps to understand and find a solution.

I make here a new List of all Fish/Insects, that should be added/removed, of the List we already have on vgr: (DONE)

Fish (smallest and largest)

Achilles Surgeonfish (stays) (not available)
Anchovy (add) (available)
Angelfish (remove)
Arowana (stays) (available)
Atlantic Mackerel (add) (not available)
Barred Knifejaw (stays) (not available)
Bitterling (add) (not available)
Black Bass (stays) (available) 100%
Black Clown Fish (remove)
Blowfish (stays) (not available)
Bluegill (stays) (available)
Blue Marlin (add) (available)
Butterfly Fish (add) (not available)
Carp (add) (not available)
Catfish (add) (not available)
Chambered Nautilus (remove)
Cherry Salmon (add) (not available)
Clownfish (stays) (not available)
Coelacanth (stays) (not available)
Crawfish (stays) (not available)
Crucian Carp (stays) (available) 100%
Dab (remove)
Dace (stays) (not available)
Eel (add) (available)
Flying Fish (add) (available)
Football Fish (stays) (not available)
Freshwater Goby (add) (not available)
Frog (add) (available)
Gar (add) (not available)
Giant King Salmon (add) (available) 100%
Giant Snakehead (add) (available)
Golden Koi (remove)
Guppy (remove)
Horse Mackerel (stays) (available) 100%
Horsehair Crab (remove)
Horseshoe Crab (remove)
Killifish (add) (not available)
King Koi (add) (available) 100%
King Olive Flounder (add) (available)
King Red Snapper (add) (available) 100%
King Salmon (stays) (not available)
Koi (stays) (available) 100%
Loach (stays) (not available)
Lobster (remove)
Mantis Shrimp (add) (not available)
Napoleonfish (stays) (not available)
Neon Tetra (stays) (not available)
Oarfish (add) (not available)
Ocean Sunfish (add) (available)
Octopus (add) (available)
Olive flounder (stays) (not available)
Pacific Saury (add) (not available)
Pale Chub (stays) (available)
Pike (add) (not available)
Piranha (remove)
Pond Smelt (stays) (not available)
Pop-Eyed Goldfish (add) (available)
Puffer Fish (stays) (not available)
Rainbow Trout (stays) (not available)
Ribbon Eel (add) (available)
Red Snapper (stays) (available) 100%
Salmon (stays) (not available)
Sea Bass (add) (not available)
Sea Butterfly (stays) (not available)
Seahorse (stays) (not available)
Shark (add) (available)
Snow Crab (add) (not available)
Spotted Knifejaw (remove)
Spring Mackerel (add) (not available)
Squid (stays) (not available)
Surgeonfish (stays) (not available)
Sweetfish (add) (available)
Sweet Shrimp (stays) (not available)
Tadpole (add) (not available)
Tiger Prawn (add) (available)
Tuna (stays) (not available)
Whale Shark (add) (not available)
Yellow perch (stays) (not available)
Zebra Moray (remove)
Zebra Turkeyfish (add) (available)

Bugs (smallest and largest)

Agrias Butterfly (stays) (not available) Agrias
Banded Dragonfly (add) (not available) Cordulégastre
Birdwing Butterfly (add) (not available) Ornithoptére
Cairns Birdwing (add) (available) Lépidoptère
Common Butterfly (add) (not available) Piéride de la rave
Cyclommatus Stag (stays) (not available) Lucane Cyclommatus
Darner Dragonfly (add) (available) Anax Napolitain
Emperor Butterfly (stays) (available) Morpho bleu
Fruit Beetle (stays) (not available) Nitidule
Giant Cicada (add) (not available) Cigale géante
Giant Stag (add) (not available) Lucane cerf-volant
Golden Stack (add) (available) Lucane lamprima
Goliath Beetle (stays) (not available) Scarabée Goliath
Horned Atlas (add) (not available) Scarabée Atlas
Horned Dynastid (stays) (available) 100% Scarabée Kabuto
Horned Hercules (add) (available) Scarabée Hercule
Jewel Beetle (stays) (not available) Bupreste
Miyama Stag (stays) (not available) Lucane Miyama
Monarch butterfly (stays) (not available) Monarque
Purple Butterfly (add) (not available) Papillon Violet
Raja B. Butterfly (add) (not available) Papillon Brookiana
Robust Cicada (add) (available) Cigale Hyalessa
Saw Stag (add) (available) 100%? Lucane Indclinatus
Yellow Butterfly (add) (not available) Citrin
Tiger Butterfly (stays) (available) 100% Machaon

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2020-07-12 11:10:19  
I am against to remove the creatures available at certain time, if you want to improve or make the records you just have to return the precise moment.
after if the creature is no longer available at all then yes, it has no place on VGR

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2020-07-12 11:48:39  
I agree with Foxof, I don't think that a chart being temporarily unavailable is an issue. Events that are not expected to ever come back should not be added, but if it's something that's available for 1/4 of the year I don't really see a problem with that.

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2020-07-12 15:51:59 - Last edit the 2020-07-12 16:09:01  
I will start to make a List of all the Fishes/Insects in the first post, by stays, add and remove. Using the List we already have on VGR.

Some of the fishes that should get removed did not show up since over a year (last seen at 04.2019 by checking when ppl post a score for that) or have no score posted at all.

If im done, you can tell me, if i did some misstakes, or if it's ok to work on the scoreboard. There's also a new fish event right now in the Game with new fishes to catch, but they are most likely event only fishes, so do not add them.

Edit: im done with the List. If everyone is ok with the fishes/Bugs that will come back, but later, then the List is complete to get used. Otherwise, we should remove close to everything and only keep the ones, that are clearly availavle trhough the whole year. (like the mentioned big fishes)

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2020-07-13 12:10:50  
We decided in VGR Councils 3&4 (link page ):

Cases of unavailable games and uncompetitive records

If the situation of unavailable games has always existed, it has become more acute since the advent of mobile and digital games, on PCs and consoles alike.
Moreover, on VGR, competition must remain fair and it is not considered fair play to have games that are no longer available, nor different according to the versions of the game or the consoles, etc.

So in the next version of VGR, it will be made possible to "disable" games that are no longer available so that they are no longer taken into account in the overall ranking. They will however remain available so that players wishing to play them can still post their records.

Beyond their availability, these games (especially mobile games) will also have to be played in the same way and therefore with the same version to have a fair competition.

Don't forget there is a list of unavailable games, where you can help us to complete, with detailed investigations.

This concerns full unavailable games, but I think we can extend the discussion to temporary (or season) records.
The decision was taken to make actual rankings, meaning that all the rankings you see in VGR are updated, and valid the same day that you log in.

Now, for your case, it is important to not confuse deactivation and removal..
If people took time to add the game, compete and send their records in VGR (moreover with proofs), it's not good to see their scores+proofs removed, this was a waste of time.
Even if this decision comes from the developpers, first.

That's why VGR decided to make an hybrid situation, where scores+proofs (and all the linked rankings) will be "just" deactivated, but not totally removed.
This way, scores will continue to be visible on VGR, and you can continue to compete in it.
But deactivated scores will not count for any VGR ranking.

So make a list of the concerned records, they will be deactivated when the v7 will arrive (next month, theorically).

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2020-07-15 03:52:23 - Last edit the 2020-07-15 03:53:22  
I wrote removing, because thoose records should not be on the site since the Game was added. They are clearly "one time" event scores and did not come back again since the Game exists. So the only way to post a score there is if you did played the Game in the past this event was active. And if you look on the scoreboard, some of the Event Fishes don't even have a single score posted for that reason. So there's no reason to keep them, not even in deactivaded status.

And if a score has to be always available, then yeah, we must deactivate 90% of the scores here.

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2020-07-15 11:17:31  
I agree that unavailable records with no post on them can be removed.
Unavailable records with at least 1 post can be maintained on the site, but should be deactivated (for the v7, next month).

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2020-07-19 01:34:00 - Last edit the 2020-07-19 01:41:42  
I added on all the fish/bugs "available" and "not available" if you can catch them right now, and marked them black to see how many of them would stay at the end (exept the big fishes, they still need to get added)

the 100% with "?" need to check, because i did not played the Game the whole years, but maybe someone else can say if thoose was always available.

So if we remove every event only fish and do not count every "not 100% available" fish/bug, then only the black marked scores counts to the site, every other will be deactivaded(but still added if missing?)

My work is done here. This is all i can do. If it's truly neccesary to deactivate that many scores for the "unavailable"(temporary seasonal) reason, then this will hit Games like Pokemon Go too.

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2020-08-01 18:14:23  
So, even if it's the way that most of the scores get's deactivated to not count to the main: is it possible to add the missing scores?

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2020-08-02 08:42:26  
if we deactivate a score, it will be for the rankings. It will always be possible to add his score on VGR, he will no longer earn points

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2020-08-02 21:15:34 - Last edit the 2020-08-02 21:15:49  
Every fishs/bugs that needed to be add or remove has been done.

I still need a list of fishs/bugs that we will have to deactivated for V7.

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2020-08-03 02:26:13  
For now every fish/insect without 100% in front, are on the deactivate list.

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2020-09-09 15:31:35  
New Seasonal Update with some new Insects and Fishes and changes:


New add:
Barbel Steed
Dab (changed from event only to seasonal)
King Dab
Largehead Hairtail
Soft-shelled Turtle
Spiny Lobster


New add:
Chestnut Tiger Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
Red Dragonfly
Walking Stick

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