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2018-10-09 19:57:48  
The 3 starters of the 4G has been officialy teased today on Twitter !
What are you thoughts ? Are you excited about it ?
They also say that they will rework the battle system, and HP & CP of some Pokémon.

Maybe they will make an Halloween event with new 4G ghost Pokémon, we will see !

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2018-10-10 11:50:15  
My first thought was "oh no I will need to buy more Pokémon storage space" XD
But of course I'm excited to catch'em all !

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2018-10-10 20:00:46  
I really want to find, discover those new pokemon in my town!
But also, I'm glad to re-discover those monsters, because it's been a while since I don't have play at a pokemon game with the 4th generation in it, and I forgot a lot of them.

Besides, we will have lots of evolution and baby of already existing pokemon, so it wil be hard to have good records now, because it will require lots of candies!

And I really want to see how they can improve more the game, what they are gonna put in the game system (PvP soon?) and if people will still play it, because we will be in winter soon...

2018-10-10 21:21:04  
4th Gen.  

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